Work that has meaning

Work doesn't have to be life altering - to be important.

Was at the local UPS store today talking with the guy who runs it. The death of Russ Solomon (of Tower Records) came up because I used to work for Tower Records and Russ Solomon and yes - I did meet Russ. He advocated for me when I moved to Hawaii and made sure I was taken care of when I moved. He was a very loyal employer.

This guy, at the UPS shop, had worked for a completely different record store. He was just as upset as I was at Russ' passing, even though he never worked for Russ.

We chatted about our experiences working in record stores. I am still friends with the people I used to work with and he is still friends with the people he used to work with. It's not just that these were our first real jobs. It was the ethos of the stores we worked out.

The reason he feels as strongly about Russ as I do is because of the work culture Russ created. The work we did was fun. The work collegiate and collaborative. We all loved different types of music and had different knowledge bases and that was the point. Our job was to help people discover good music and between all the staff - we could do that regardless of the genre of interest.

Our job ... was to help people live life more fully through good music. What better motivation in life is there.  

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