Why I am a Humanist

Because I feel that of all my options - as a world view - Humanism is the best.

I walk around all day - liking everyone I meet, because I recognize our common humanity.

I am not afraid of people - because - there are no scary “others.” Just members of my tribe.

I never have that feeling of “aloneness” because I know because of science that I am biologically related to all life on earth and chemically related to everything in the universe. In fact - I am born of star stuff.

Grief is easier. My worldview is not thrown upside down when I experience a death. Death - just - happens. It’s sad. I cry. But that’s ok. It’s part of life. Just something we all have to experience at some point. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not life threatening either even though it sometimes feels like it is.

I’m less wrong than most people because I don’t have a problem accepting new information that contradicts my old way of thinking - because - my focus is on being less wrong, not on being right.

I problem solve really well because I use reality based decision making and problem solving processes. The result is - less stress - more success.

I like being around other Humanists. I find them interesting and intellectually stimulating. So being part of a Humanist community suits me quite well.

I love our approach to moral reasoning - which is both reality based and compassion based and I feel pretty good about the difficult decisions I am sometimes called on to make.

Most of the time I walk around in a pretty happy state because - I am at peace with who I am and what I am trying to accomplish in life.

I feel like - I do life pretty well - most of the time. And I do strive to improve. So - as a lived world view - I feel like it is both practical and motivational and - basically - everything I want and need out of a world view.

That is why I am a Humanist.

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