3 keys to workplace happiness

I was asked - what my 3 keys to workplace happiness are: 

1) Employees need to feel respected by their boss and co-workers. They need to know their work really truly matters and they need processes that allow for cooperative effective problem solving. Absent even one of these and you will have unhappy employees.

2) These are all inter-related.  Respect helps make sure problem solving is cooperative and effective. Mattering helps ensure that the problem solving is done cooperatively and effectively as everyone understands why getting the solution right matters and is on the same page.

3) This is why humanistic business management matters. It is a reminder that employees should be respected for their different experiences and viewpoints and that we are all together working to help solve our customer’s problems in a way that a) works and b) makes a real difference.

Thanks to my friend Mukund Trivedy at StraightDrive for posing the question. http://straightdrive.net.in/

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