Socially Good Businesses

Social good is a social necessity. There are a few ways we can approach economic activity – specifically capitalist activity. For too long, exploitative capitalism has been the model and has used the levers of power to crowd out humanistic forms of capitalism. To put it bluntly – people are fed up with exploitative capitalism and the various forms of supremacy exploitation leads to – to justify the dehumanization of the exploited people.

 It doesn’t have to be that way and more and more people are saying – enough. We won’t tolerate exploitative capitalism anymore. We demand humanistic capitalism.

I believe this is a necessity. Exploitative capitalism doesn’t just exploit labor. It exploits resources. We live in a tiny planet with limited resources. Our activities have been polluting our homes. This pollution is harming us. All of us.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can pass laws to regulate pollution. These regulations work. Let me give you an example. I grew up in Los Angeles. We used to have smog days – days where the air quality was so bad – we weren’t allowed outside to play because it would damage our lungs. Catalytic converters and pollution regulation was implemented and by my 20s – I could see the mountains that ring LA. I had no idea they were there growing up as I couldn’t see them.

Smog is something India and China are dealing with now. It’s a solvable problem. The solution involves the creation of businesses and the hiring of people and the application of science and technology.  We can both – protect our environment and engage in business.  Those that claim it’s either or – are not only mistaken, they are intentionally lying because they want the freedom to exploit resources – including human resources without paying for the harm they are causing.

People want companies working for the public good because the ones that aren’t – are actively harming us and in some cases, killing us. This is why there is a move away from exploitative capitalism to humanistic capitalism. It’s about survival of the species at this point.

I am a member of the International Humanistic Management Association. - consider joining us.

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