Rant about self inflicted wounds

Remember paying only $2/gallon for gas? Yeah - that was the result of the Iran deal. We are going to go back up to $4/gal because of our violation of the agreement.  The cost to our economy, according to AAA is about $200million per day. PER DAY!

According to AAA: Gas in Oct 2013 - right before Iran deal signed: almost $4/gal - https://newsroom.aaa.com/2013/09/aaa-monthly-gas-price-report-august-2013-trends-and-september-outlook/

Gas prices are rising again because the "pull out" from the Iran deal is mostly about eliminating Irani oil from the world market. The beneficiaries of this are Russia, Saudi Arabia and the fossil fuel industry here. Saudi Arabia has promised to increase oil production to make up for the loss of Irani oil on the market. How kind of them to agree to make a lot more money.

Coincidentally, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Republican Fossil Fuel giants are same group that paid for the Brexit campaign, Trump's campaign and other right-wing campaigns around the world.

Who is hurt? America's economy. When we have to spend an extra $200million/DAY just to keep our cars running - it's $200 million/day that we aren't spending on things like health care, food, education, etc etc

Oh – and that relative peace we were enjoying – it’s gone. Overnight. Gone. Violence in Syria between Israel, Iran, Russia and Syria – getting really bad – almost overnight. Not really – since this confluence of interests have been problematic for a while and the overt violence between Israel and Syria building up for months.   

What our “withdraw” from the Iran agreement means – is we are no longer able to influence Iran with regards to its activity in Syria and by extension it’s conflict with Israel. The country that now has influence – is Russia.  Who has clearly sided with Syria and Iran.
This. Does. Not. Make. Us. Safer.  Destabilizing relations – does not help us create peace.

The problem is authoritarians need and use violence to justify their authority. Their insinstance that their use of violence will make us safer – isn’t true. Bashad in Syria – it’s a lie. Netanyahu in Israel? It’s a lie. The hardliners in Iran – it’s a lie. Trump in America? It’s a lie.
There are all gunning for all-out war in the region as it benefits them to have this war. Who else benefits? Arms dealers.

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