How to not feel bad about owning up to your mistakes

Strong capable people – fix their mistakes.  This is a mindset tweak that helps people understand that it’s ok to make mistakes. What’s not ok is to not fix them.  I tell people, the only thing worse than being wrong, is continuing to be wrong because of pride.

The other thing is that fixing mistakes – feels good. Responsibility is empowering. It means you believe you can fix your problems and instead of wishing for them to be fixed, or waiting for other people to fix them. YOU fix them. It’s empowering. A lot of people try to avoid responsibility, because they don’t understand the power and pride that comes with being responsible.

To get started, you just make a decision to do it. If you make a mistake – think – ok. I screwed up. What am I going to do to fix this?  If it means apologizing, apologize. If it means making amends or at least offering to make amends, that’s what you do.  What people find is that as they start practicing this – and it is a practice - the more respect they will receive from others and the more they will respect themselves. And that feels good. True, some people won’t forgive them. But most will.  And for those that don’t, at least you tried. For those that do – you strengthen your relationship with them.

The key to reaping the benefits of personal responsibility – is to just start practicing it. It is self
re-enforcing so it’s easy to keep at it once you start.

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