Angels in the Workplace

My friend Pauline Mc Charles is a humanistic management colleague of mine. She hosted a really amazing conference in Seattle last fall about building resilience in a changing world.

She is a coach and consultant that helps people find inspiration in the workplace so that employees can make better decisions for the company while maintaining the dignity of all of the participants.

Turns out - she has a book she published. It's a handbook/workbook of sorts. It is designed to help you find the inspiration to help us all remember that everyone you meet is human. And yes, when you practice that - it's inspiring. You can use that to help yourself be more resilient and to create supportive teams that help make the workplace better and by extension, helps your teams make better decision.

Check out her book and let me know what you think. It's called: Inspiration Developers: Angels at the workplace: A handbook - Keep it simple Life is complicated enough

And if you like the book - consider hiring her. You won't be disappointed. She's wonderful and I think the world of her. Here is a link to her website:

And remember to keep life simple, life is complicated enough. 

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