Reality based decision making - it's important

Came across this graphic the other day and wanted to comment on it. Reality based decision making is important - because it saves lives.

When we have problems it's very easy to make assumptions about what is causing those problems. The problem is - if you don't know what is causing your problem, you won't know what will work to solve it and you can end up making your problem a whole lot worse.

Science based approaches to problem solving help us fix our problems. We should use them and reject non-science based approaches if we actually want to be successful.  

We now use science for medical problems, but we should also use it to help us fix our economy. We don't have to guess. People have studied this. We also know what works with health care policy and what policies make things worse.

So everyone - please push for science based solutions everywhere in every realm of your life, but in particular, the political realm. While making guesses may hurt you - when governments guess - they can end up killing a LOT of people.

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