Effective Communication

Nothing throws a wrench in your plans as thinking things were clear only to find out they weren’t.

The problem with communication is that we know what we mean, but that doesn’t mean that the other person does.

We come to every conversation with pre-conceived notions and biases and insecurities and assumptions. Sometimes we don’t hear what is plainly said because we misinterpret it based on our own concerns. Sometimes we have knee jerk reactions to what we think someone is going to say so we don’t notice when they don’t say that at all.

Both parties to a communication are responsible for making things clear. If there is a problem, don’t make the other person solve it, take responsibility for your part- either in your communication or in the possibility that you mistook what was being communicated and work to fix it.

Most of the people you meet in life are well meaning people. If they said something that upset you or concerns you, ask them to clarify. Chances are – either they needed to clarify or you misunderstood their concerns in the first place.

I offer a couple of course that can help you be a more effective communicator and to more effectively listen.

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