Verifiable Business Ethics

Do your business ethics result in veritably good outcomes?

My friend August Berkshire said, “When it comes to deciding what is ethical behavior, all actions should be based on verifiable consequences.”  I think this is a very good rule to live by.

Ethics are our values. They help us make decisions by helping us to define what a good or bad outcome is. If we don’t based good or bad on – the outcomes, then we risk doing bad things for good reasons.

One of the reasons Humanists focus so much on science based problem solving and reality based problem solving is because we want to make sure our actions are good, not just in intent, but in outcome.

When business leaders talk about metrics, they are talking about verifying outcomes. All I ask is that you add a moral metric to your decision making as well. Is this outcome good, not just in terms of money made, but for the people doing the work and the customers as well.

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