Reality isn’t always pleasant. But we don’t solve our problems by pretending they don’t exist.

Accepting reality will help you be a better leader.  A leader who sticks their head in the sand isn’t a leader. They are a coward that is too afraid to lead.

Good leaders accept reality, even when it is unpleasant. The don’t flinch from their responsibilities, they just get on with the job of fixing the problems whatever they are.

Resist the temptation to ignore reality or to plan for the best case scenario.  Plan for the worse case and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be easier to deal with then you thought.

I am currently running numbers for a property rental business. Sure, I could run optimistic numbers, but I would be lying to myself. Instead, I run real numbers. What is it I have right now. How much is it really going to cost me to do whatever it is I need to do.  A good cost benefit analysis is based in reality. Anything else is a flight of fantasy and won’t lead to good problem solving.

I used to be in franchise sales and I helped a lot of people create their business plans. Almost all of them were overly optimistic about income and overly optimistic about expenses. My advice was always - halve your income, double your expenses. Do you still want to do this?  That is reality based decision making.

To learn more about reality based decision making – check out this course.

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