Humanism is to be Humane

The word Humanism has many connotations, almost all of them positive.

One of the connotations is that Humanism is to be humane. It’s about recognizing the value of other people and not only not hurting them in pursuit of whatever happiness you are seeking, but also – to treat them kindly, with compassion and to actually help. Humanitarians are humane, because they don’t just do no harm, they actively seek to do good.

This is consistent with how I understand Humanism in my own practice. Am I always humane?  I don’t know if I can honestly answer that question yes. But I do know it’s something I strive to do and be and that it’s an ideal I feel very strongly about.

When I think about the word, humane, I think about a human ideal. A humane person is a good person. One who is trustworthy and helpful in times when those qualities are most needed.

This striving for humanity and to encourage more humane behavior among humans necessarily has political, economic and social ramifications.  It shouldn’t matter where you come from or what faith tradition you are from or were from. The only way we get through this thing called life well, is if we are treated humanely. We have a responsibility to both give and receive as humanely as possible.
So go forth  - and be as humane as humanly possible.

Oh – and if you want – here is a podcast by someone else – about Humanism is to be Humane.  -

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