Planning for the Future

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Planning for the future requires balance. Too much worry is a bad thing, not enough worry and you don’t get anything done. Our challenge is to plan well while understanding that even with the best planning, things often go astray.

My philosophic approach is obviously Humanist. So I accept that tomorrow is not guaranteed, but I move forward optimistically anyway. After all, if tomorrow comes, I want to be ready for it.  I find that this approach helps me to constantly be pleasantly surprised when things go well and that I am less likely to take things for granted.  In other words, it helps me to keep an optimistic and happy attitude, even when things don’t go quite right.

I teach strategic planning and decision making for a living. (see the programs I offer at Understanding the ultimate existential futility of my efforts helps me to not take myself too seriously.  This may seem odd, but I find that the less I worry about making mistakes, the less mistakes I make in my planning.  I can relax into the task instead of stressing out my brain.  Planning, is no longer a life or death matter, it’s a hypothetical one.  This mindset allows me room to play intellectually with my problem and in turn helps me to be more creative in my problem solving.

It  may seem strange to talk about strategic planning as a philosophic exercise, but it is. This is why I don’t simply teach practical skills, I also teach a philosophic approach that will help you overcome your inner dilemmas that are preventing you from solving your problems.

So check out my courses. Planning for Personal Success and Reality Based Decision Making for Effective Strategy Development. Give yourself a healthy dose of practical skill and philosophic counseling.  The online courses are short and you can log on at any time.  Check them out and let  me know what you think.

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