Meaning & Purpose in Business

If you want to have more meaning and purpose in your business life, start by thinking about your values.

Ethics and values are critical to understanding meaning and purpose.  Your values help you figure out what it is that matters to you. When you know what matters to you, it becomes easier to make decisions in support of your values. This is true whether you are talking about your personal life or your professional life.

In the day to day hustle of just getting through the day, it is easy to lose sight of what you value. This is one of the reasons why people struggle with work life balance, relationships, and satisfaction and engagement at work.

At some point, most of us need jobs, mostly so that we can afford to have shelter, food and medical care. But what happens when the only jobs available cause harm to others or are exploitative?

I’ve known people who have left high paying jobs, because they didn’t want to be involved in making weapons. It just wasn’t worth the money to them anymore.  I’ve also known people who stayed at jobs that treated them badly because they needed the money.

Work is moral. Our choices, to either support or enable bad behavior or businesses that run counter to our values impacts the sort of world we live in.

The point of Humanistic Business Management isn’t just to encourage better treatment of the humans working for businesses. It’s also about what businesses do for business and in the course of conducting business.

Is the product or service net beneficial to humans and the world in which we live? Or is it harmful?  Does the company acquire the resources necessary to create the products and services in a comprehensively ethical way or not?

Think of humanistic business management as being concerned with three levels of business simultaneously. It is concerned with the problem being solve, how the problem is being solve and ultimately the impact this business has on all the people impacted by the business (workers, employers and clients).

Do you currently feel like your work has meaning and purpose? If not, what do you plan to do to change that?

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