Facing Your Fears … in Business

Businesses are by definition public. For some people, that causes a lot of anxiety.

 Being professional isn’t always easy. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t occasionally suffer from self-doubt. For some people, this doubt – holds them back.  They don’t advocate for themselves or their ideas as they should. They accept working conditions that they shouldn’t and/or they allow customers or managers to treat them badly when they shouldn’t.

I don’t care who you are, at some point, you are going to struggle in business and in your professional life. There is no easy solution to the problems. Sometimes when you are going through hell, all you can do is keep going.

What I find helps me though, is my commitment to morality. Grounding my decisions in morality helps me find courage to face the whatever it is I need to face.  Because whatever is going on – isn’t just about me. It’s about others too.  While I might be quite willing to put up with quite a lot of BS, I’m less likely to allow others to be treated poorly.

The other thing grounding my thinking in morality does is it helps me to “fight the good fight” on behalf of what I know to be right.  Obviously – self righteous indignation can also be used for evil, but most of us won’t get anywhere close to falling off that ledge. Our problem is that we aren’t righteous enough.

If you find yourself struggling, go ahead and consider the moral ramifications of what is going on.  You may just find the motivation to do what is right and to insist on what is right despite all the pressure to stop. 

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And finally, on the subject of fear. Allowing your fears to hold you back isn’t an option when you are advocating for what you know to be morally right.  When things matter, we will do what is necessary to make it happen. Mattering is a matter of morality. Don’t neglect your moral reasoning. It really will help.

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