Workplace Bullying in the Construction Industry

It's bullying awareness month. Workplace bullying effects every industry. Nurses, academics and construction workers. Learning how to stop it is good for you and good for business.

I was contacted recently from the folks at Worksafe British Columbia.  They help companies across the province keep their employees safe from workplace injuries. One of the things they do – is help protect people from bullying, because bullying isn’t just an interpersonal annoyance. It’s a health and safety risk as well.

Worksafe BC has a great set of videos for workers in the construction industry in particular – talking about bullying. It is rare that I see content that is actually useful – so I am including links to it here.

Even if you aren’t in construction – I want you to watch this video.  It is about the work impact and the safety impact of bullying. It’s about what it means to be a good manager getting good work out of your people. Bullying is NOT a valid management technique.

To see all their videos and content on bullying go to:

If you don’t currently offer harassment training that teaches your employees how to get this behavior to stop – start. Don’t just offer them a training that says harassment is against the law. Give them a training that gives them the positive skills to stop bullying for real.

If you are in Canada – be aware that Ontario employees now have to provide sexual harassment training (see: And all Canadian employers have a legal obligation to make sure employees are not harassed. If you aren’t already providing this training – it’s time you start.
I can provide this training for you – in a way that covers the law AND how to make it stop. I have generic versions and state & province specific training (CA, ME & CT in the USA all require harassment training).

 Employers who have used my training report dramatic improvements in the moral and working environment.  You owe it to your staff and to your company to provide a training that can really help.

Details and information at:

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