Compliance related issues when it comes to harassment in the workplace

If you are a business owner or a manager, you are responsible for keeping your employee safe. And yes, that also means safe from harassment.

Harassment & discrimination and bullying are all about the same thing. Power and social exclusion. Social exclusion is about getting and wielding power. In the workplace it results in high turnover, the loss of good employees, lawsuits, bad decision making and more. Oh – by the way – bad decision making leads to errors. Errors are always bad for business and in some industries – can be fatal (think Deep Sea Horizon which if anyone thinks wasn’t caused by a culture of harassment that negatively impacted decision making – they are deluding themselves.)

There is a reason why companies with over 50 employees should be giving employees regular training on harassment. Notice I said employees. Some just train the managers, as if that will do any good. Train everyone.

Here's why.  Judges like it. IF you are ever accused of not protecting an employee from harassment – you can at least claim that you tried.

That isn’t enough of course and that’s not why you should conduct trainings. Ideally you should teach people not just that harassment is bad so don’t do it. But also – if it happens, here’s how to get it to stop. Not just – report it, but step by step, here is how you help us create a corporate culture of respect.

A good harassment training can actually change your corporate culture for the better. And don’t tell me – oh – we don’t have any problems. You do. You know you do. Even if no one is “breaking the law” in terms of harassment, you still have nasty interpersonal politics going on. All companies do. They are collections of people with different skills and experiences and they are all trying to get their work done. Arguments happen. Office politics happen.

Compliance training done right is a beautiful thing

Want to fix it. Use your harassment training to teach your staff how to not feed the beast and at least be part of the solution. I gave this training to a lawfirm and they reported dramatic improvements in the interpersonal dynamics. They didn’t have any bullies, but they did have inter office politics.

What a good behavioral based training did for them is it gave everyone on the staff the tools to do and be better. And they did. This wasn’t about telling people not to do things wrong. It was about telling them how to do things right. They took it from there.

If you want help and a harassment training that will actually positively impact social relationships in your workplace – contact me!  Compliance training done right is a beautiful thing. 

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