A Humanist Approach to Sexual Harassment Training

Humanists approach problem solving a little bit differently than most people.  We use science and critical thinking to figure out what will work to solve our problem and we combine that with compassionate ethics for effective decision making and problem solving.

When it comes to the problem of harassment in the workplace, we have laws requiring training. It's well intention-ed, but the training doesn't ever seem to change anything.

There is a reason for that and that reason is because the training we receive almost never includes information on what works to get unwanted behavior to stop. Isn't it time we changed that?

Here is a slide show on what a good sexual harassment training should include - science wise - so that the next time your company offers harassment training - you can suggest a better way.

And if you would like this type of training for your company - here is a link - https://humanistlearning.com/sexual-harassment-compliance-training/

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