The Ideal Boss

What is your ideal boss like? What leadership qualities do they have? What kind of
traits/characteristics? Communication styles?

 I like my bosses to be humanistic. Meaning I want them to be compassionate, respectful, strategic and for them to make reality based decisions (as opposed to gut instinct biased decisions).  Needless to say – it would be nice if they used positive reinforcement and not bullying to get people to get the work done.

I want them to be compassionate because I want them to be nice to me. Same with respect. I will work very hard for someone who is nice to me.

I need them to be strategic. I don’t like to have my time wasted on pointless tasks. So I need my boss to be strategic so that what I’m tasked with doing is important, needs to be done and will have a positive impact on whatever project we are working on.  I HATE doing something that turns out to be pointless.

I also need them to be reality based. This is part of the strategic planning part of things, but it goes beyond that. All groups of people have interpersonal problems. Having a boss who can navigate those with eyes wide open – seeing people for who they really are, would go a long way towards ensuring everyone is treated fairly.

Finally: Bullying is not a valid management technique. Tolerating an employee who is bullying the other employees is also not a good management technique.

Learn how to be a more humanistic leader with orientation to humanistic management: 

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