Force Fields of Happiness

Some people say they can create a 'force field' of happiness or positivity around them. What does this feel like and how can one achieve this?

The concept of a force field of happiness is a bit woo sounding to me. In other words, not something that is real. I suspect this comes out of the positive thinking movement which suggests that your thoughts have magical powers to change your reality.  They don't.

Your thoughts are important regardless.  Instead of trying to achieve a state of being that is dubious and unlikely to happen, it might be better to instead focus on being a good person. Doing good deeds.

Happiness is something we feel upon reflection. We feel it most when we have done something we know morally is good. It's kind of like our brain's way of patting ourselves on our backs. You don't do good things to feel this - because then your motivation is wrong and you are being selfish. You feel this when  you reach beyond yourself and your needs to care for others.

What I and other humanists feel all the time is a sense of belonging and connectedness. We are aware we are frail humans. We accept that as real and reach out to our fellow humans in compassion and solidarity - we are in this together.  When that is your mindset, feelings of connectedness and contentedness follow - which most people feel and would describe as the sense of being happy.

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