Is Humanistic Leadership Communicative Leadership?

Communication as a leader is a huge part of humanistic leadership. But actually – humanistic leadership is so much more than that!

Humanistic leadership is about applying the philosophy of Humanism to the task of leadership. And Humanism isn’t just about recognizing our common humanity.  Here are 4 principles that guide a humanistic leader.

1) Compassionate communication – because – we are all humans – individuals with flaws and strengths.

2) Compassionate problem solving – when a human doesn’t perform right – understanding how to help them fix the problem rather than punishing them would be preferred and more effective because behavioral science is really clear that punishment makes things worse and is counter productive

3) Critical Thinking and reality based decision making so that what you are working on and why you are working on it a) make sense and b) will make a difference. Leading people to do stupid counter-productive things would not be considered humanistic leadership.

4) What and why you are leading people to do certain things is based on – not greed – but on how to make life better for everyone.

Resources to learn more:

If you are interested in learning more about humanistic leadership check out these resources:

First mine: 

1) Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook – available free when you sign up for my mailing list: - this will get you familiar with the philosophy if you aren’t already.
2) Online program – Principles of Humanistic Management - this is 45 minutes long and provides 7 inter-related principles about how Humanism the philosophy applies to the world of management and leadership.
3) 7 Sins of Staff Management – this is mostly about communication and responsibilities of a leader understanding that your team is made up of real humans – and you are human too -
4) Planning for Personal Success - - this is about decision making in a reality based and strategic way –as well as understanding your motivation and helping you to uncover your ethics in the context of goal setting.

Other Resources:
1) Humanistic Management Network - is a global collection of academics helping to transform how business management is taught. They have SEVERAL books.
2) Speaking of books – here is a list of books I recommend -  Attuned Leadership is a good one to consider.

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