Order out of Chaos: Setting Priorities

Don’t have the time to prioritize? Don't sabotage yourself. Make the time!

We just got through the holiday season. It was probably chaotic for a bit. Our schedules are not the same. We have obligations that take up time. We have cleaning and sorting and laundry and cards to do. The holidays are often chaotic for most of us. Even the most organized among us.

 Hopefully, now that it is January we can start to create order out of the chaos. But how do we do that. Well, by setting priorities.  You have a ton of things that need to be done. But organizing them and saying I’m doing this first and this  2nd and so forth, you create order out of the chaos. That’s what prioritizing does for you.

As soon as I start to feel overwhelmed, I create a list, figure out what’s important and what isn’t and create order out of chaos for myself.

If you feel like you don’t’ have time to get organized, you are just prolonging your pain and making excuses. Make the time. Chaos doesn’t magically just disappear on its own. There is this thing called entropy. In order to create order out of chaos, you have to put energy into the system. Put the time in to setting priorities and you will find order.

This is hugely important for your mental health, so don’t skirt your responsibilities. Figure out what you need to do and what would be nice to do and act accordingly.

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