Music in Life

Music helps us feel more intensely and art helps us understand our common humanity.

This next weekend my son will perform in a youth opera titled “Brundibar.” It was written by Jews in the Theresienstadt concentration camp and performed by children   

It’s an anti-Nazi opera that the Nazi’s didn’t realize was anti-Nazi.  With people dying around them and with people they loved being transported to death camps, the children of Theresienstadt still performed this show.

It’s about people, in this case kids, coming together to defeat tyranny – in this case, in the form of a selfish greedy organ grinder.

Music can be cathartic. It can help us express emotions we didn’t even realize we were feeling.

The arts and humanities are reflections of what it is to be human and how the struggle to live and to be loved and accepted is universal. Good can triumph over evil IF we come together, overcome our selfishness and work together to achieve it.

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