Being Awesome Using Science

Are you awesome?  Most of us are not – except in our own heads. But that shouldn’t stop you from being the glittery ball of awesomeness you think you are.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree has great posts about the science of life.  Recently, they had a post about the science of being awesome. See:  It’s called the Lazy Way to an Awesome Life.

Friends Matter

It turns out that your friends matter. First, having friends makes you happier.  More than money does.  So make a point to make time for your friends.

The 2nd thing is the quality of your friends. Don’t just hang out with anyone. Hang out with awesome people. Your friends influence you and their friends, even if you never meet them influence you by virtue of the fact, they are influencing your friends.

What you want are supportive optimistic caring friends. You want to steer away from jerkish and selfish friends. The more people you are around who want to be awesome, the more likely you will become awesome too – it’s a habit that is reinforced by your social network.

Finally, introduce your friends to your friends. One thing I have always been proud of is that my friends like my other friends. When I get them together, they like each other. Why – because I have awesome friends. I don’t have a lot of friends, but those I have are all good people.

But the other reason for introducing your friends is that it helps to grow and support your other friends. Different people have different friendships. Some people have lots of friends, some don’t. What you want to ensure, since your friend’s friends influence you, is that those on the outside of the social network actually are fully supported by the social network. All that supporting, makes everyone stronger and more supported and more happy.  Call it karma if you will but modeling the supportive friend network you want will help encourage more supportive friends.

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