Online Compliance Education

My company, Humanist Learning Systems offers online professional and personal development programs from a Humanistic perspective. The core courses I teach have to do with how to stop bullies using operant conditioning techniques. As a result, I offer compliance training, specifically sexual harassment training.

Sexual harassment compliance training is normally done in person because CA law requires instructor interaction for this sort of training.  What most compliance instructors don’t realize is that you can now get instructor interaction through an online learning system. In person trainings are no longer a requirement and even California allows for online learning provided participants have the ability to ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor.    

Instructor Interaction

Most online learning management systems now allow instructor interaction with asynchronous learning. This means participants can log in when it’s convenient to them but still talk to an instructor via email or discussion forum or even scheduled conference calls. This is good news because the logistics of getting everyone into the same room at the same time for a training is expensive and a hassle.  With online training, employees can log in and participate whenever it is convenient to them.

Even companies that provide harassment training in house can benefit from having an online option. Inevitable, someone is going to miss the scheduled group training. Perhaps the employee was traveling or sick that day. With an online option, they can make up the training remotely when it is convenient to them.


One of the big for compliance managers regarding online training is verifying that the employee actually took the course. And this is valid. A lot of online learning is in the form of a webinar or video lesson.  Verifying that they actually logged in and participated in the course is a real concern.

In my system, I am able to document whether participants actually accessed the required content, whether they were online for the required amount of time and whether they understood the material presented through the use of online quizzes.  The HR teams I work with have all the documentation they need should they be required to prove they provided the training in court and that any particular individual did indeed take the course.

New Hire Onboarding and Orientation

The other thing that is nice about this sort of online learning for compliance requirements is that companies can make this training part of their orientation program for new hires, even if they hire one person at a time. They don’t have to have a big group to hire in an instructor to make this worthwhile. All they have to do is purchase 1 seat. And from day one they can sit their employee down in front of a computer and provide them with the compliance training they have to have and perhaps a new manager orientation program and they are done. No worrying about when you are going to schedule them for a training in the future and then forgetting to do it in the time crunch that is ever present in the HR office.

While new managers and supervisors are supposed to receive harassment training within 6 months of hire and every 2 years after, it’s very easy to let it slip once an employee is working. Knowing that your compliance requirements are taken care of before the employee starts working is valuable. and ensures that you don’t forget to provide the required training. It’s all done as part of your onboarding.

Contact me if you are in need of harassment compliance training for your company and would like to explore online options. Or visit to learn more about my harassment training options.

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