Guided Meditation – For Children

Do you meditate? Do you meditate with your child?

Sam Harris posted a series of guided meditations that his wife Annaka Harris created for Inner Kids, which is a group run by Susan Kaiser Greenland focused on teaching kids how to be more mindful through guided meditations. (See: for more details)

I haven’t yet tried these guided meditations with my son yet, but I am linking to them here -

Learning how to calm your mind and focus your thoughts is what mindfulness is all about. To me, this is a basic life skill.  My son is anxious a lot and I have taught him how to breathe, smell and use his senses to focus his mind and calm down.  I have even taken him to a meditation center to learn in the kids group.  The problem is that a lot of meditation comes with supernatural concepts, which is why I was so excited that Sam Harris shared these links to guided meditation for kids that is secular!

Here is a video about it 


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  5. There are many great meditation apps to try. I recommend downloading several free apps until you find one that feels like a good fit. When working with clients, the first two I recommend are Insight Timer and Headspace. Headspace is great for beginning technique and Insight Timer has many incredible free guided meditations for a wide range of experiences and expertise.


  6. In 2011, researchers at Harvard University discovered that meditation can effectively change the biological structure of the brain. The study showed that 8 weeks of meditation (one specially made to reduce stress) could increase the thickness of the hippocampus, responsible for learning and memory. Also, there was a tendency to decrease the volume of the amygdala, responsible for fear, anxiety and stress.


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