How to seek happiness


Do you actively seek to be happy in your life (by practicing a certain behavior) or just flow with it?


It's not that I seek happiness. It's more that I value being happy and so I integrate that value into my decision making process. As a result, I am more likely to choose behaviors that contribute to happiness (myself and others).

For me, happiness is a byproduct of good decision making and ethical behavior.   It's not something I seek. I seek to do and to be good. Happiness results from that.

Additionally, having happiness as a value - as opposed to a desire -  helps me in those instances when I am faced with an Epicurean dilemma. Do I accept short term pain for long term gain?  Do I reject short term happiness if it will cause long term pain? If I value happiness, yes I do.  If I seek happiness, I do not.

I think if you are seeking happiness, you are going to end up unhappy and unsatisfied.  Going with the flow isn't a good option either. Happiness is important. But it is something to be valued, rather than desired.

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