Things they don’t tell you before getting married.

To be happily married, you really need to be ok around farts, pissing and burps.

Marriage is a lot of things. It’s a partnership. It’s a legal arrangement. It’s hard work. It’s a blessing.  Marriage is also about sharing living space. And the basics of living involve eating, drinking, breathing, pooping and pissing. Everything else is optional.

Most married couples live together. And this is great, because it means, you can have sex, in your own bed and not have to drive home afterward.  It also means you have to share your closet. And decorating your shared living space means compromise.

It also means, you are probably going to share a toilet and bathroom and shower.  And this is where we carry out our most basic functions of living.  Sure, eating and drinking – those are fun and social. They are done in the shared living spaces, like the kitchen and dining room. No problem there.  But pooping and peeing?  Yeah – those we tend to want to do alone, in the bathroom. Alone!

I don’t know about you – but performance anxiety has withheld many a bladder. And – do I really want my man to be in the next room when I poop? Not really.

Humans are gross in many ways. When you live with someone, you live with their farts and burps and poops and pisses too. And if you aren’t OK with that, you should maybe consider not getting married. Because that’s part of the package.

I’ve been married over a decade now and I am still happily in love. And I have a child. Which means, privacy in the bathroom?  Yeah – it’s a luxury.  Do I mind?  Not really. I’m ok with it.  I love my husband and son and I’m not under any illusions that they don’t poop or pee. They do. It’s a basic function of life.  I do too.

Being comfortable around the farts and burps means we can relax and don’t have to pretend that we don’t.  And that’s wonderful.

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