I am not a number!

Why recognizing your employees as human matters

Engage Britain put out a great video called, “I am not a Human Resource, I am a Human.” I wanted to share it here to talk about the reasons why recognizing your employees as humans matter.

Humanistic business management starts from the premise that business is done by humans for humans and that humans matter. It is very easy to view employees as interchangeable cogs in a machine. People who are there to do what you want and need them to do. You are paying them, so that is the end of the contract.

The problem is that your employees want and need more and so do you. Humans are social animals. We need community. We need a sense of belonging. We need a sense of purpose. Anyone who gives us that will have our loyalty. This is why there are cults. Instead of denying your employees the opportunity to be engaged with their fellow employees and for the cause that is your business, why not help them feel connected and engaged. Stop viewing them as a human resource and start recognizing them as the very real human being they are.

This isn’t something you can fake. You either take the time to connect or you don’t. What will help you do this? Eleanor Roosevelt had the right idea. Treat all your employees as if they are volunteers. You and they will feel better and do better work if you do.

Have you ever experienced being devalued at work? How did you handle it? Bonus points to any geek who gets the title reference!

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