The Simplicity of Morality

Why shopping carts are objects worthy of moral contemplation.

I feel like I am creating a movement based on shopping cart morality. I hate false dichotomies, but it does seem like there are two types of people in the world. Those who put their shopping carts back and those who don’t. Obviously that’s a false dichotomy because there are also those of us who put them back sometimes and not others.

Anyway – I have written about shopping cart morality before – here:

One of my followers, Andy had this to say about my theories on shopping cart morality:

“I not only return my cart, but other people's. I never really thought of it as a moral activity, just not being self-centered and lazy. But I suppose when you get down to it, not acting as though you're doing the world a favor by existing and everyone should cater to your whims is probably a moral stance. Or at the least the result of a stream of ethical thoughts.”

I agree – don’t be a dick – which is another post – enjoy.

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