The Choice is Inspiring

Be the best most ethical
person you can be.

Every once in a while I get feedback from people who discover this blog. They are excited to find a blog that resonates so strongly with their feelings of personal responsibility, compassion and intention.

Humanism really is inspiring. To be a Humanist is to make a choice to live your life ethically, responsibly and compassionately. It means you have made a choice to live your life intentionally. And that is what gets people so excited.

To live your life intentionally means you are actively taking responsibility for your choices. How you act and react to the problems of life are now something you are taking control of. Yes, you have your instinctual response. But you are actively engaged in choosing a different response if your instinctual response is not consistent with your chosen values. 

Is it easy? No. But it feels good to make the effort. You feel better about yourself. Heck, just knowing that you have a choice is both empowering and inspiring. Which is why the choice to be a Humanist is so inspiring.

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