You can do it

Henry Rollins - just do it
When I was in college, I remember there being times when I felt overwhelmed. I was paying my own way. It was hard. There were times that I was eating egg noodles dressed only in butter because that was all I could afford and even the butter was my housemates.

What kept me going?  I realized that regardless of how hard I was struggle to afford school and to finish my degree, I knew other people who had gone through worse and didn't even have the parental support I had who had managed to go to college and finish their degree. I always thought to myself, if they could do it without all the advantages I had, then I can do it too.

This thought, that others have had it worse and still managed to succeed is what drove me on whenever I felt like quitting.  I'm going to share with you a video that Henry Rollins made for Big Think. It's called "do it yourself." In it he gives the same advice I just gave you only he does it better. So what if people have it easier than you do. Other people have had it worse and still managed to succeed. So don't give up and don't wait for a handout. Just go and do what you need to do to get it done.


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