Chill People

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I teach a course at a lifelong learning institute. To translate that into young speak, it means I teach classes for old people. The director of the program sent out an email today to all instructors today asking us to remind our students otherwise known as the elderly people who take our classes to be more careful in the hallways.

Apparently, a group of 'students' were waiting for a bus to take them on a field trip, and yes, it is cool to be old and have the time for these programs. Anyway, when the bus arrived the students rushed on and a few people got injured in the rush. My first thought was really. I would think that by the time we retire it should have sunk in that mad dash rushes to get a good seat on the bus wasn't actually all that cool because, duh, people can get hurt. Apparently I was wrong. Some people go to their graves not understanding this basic rule, which does require patience and compassion.

The director pointed out that this wasn't an isolated incident either. Students have been known to crowd around classroom doors waiting for the other class to finish and they aren't always polite enough to allow the other students to leave before rushing in to get their seats and this isn't very nice because so many of the students use canes and walkers and someone could get hurt.

I was surprised to hear this because my students were always so nice and I never saw any of this sort of rude behavior from any of them. Perhaps it's because we spent so much time talking about compassion, responsibility and patience in our class. Regardless, if you find yourself in a similar situation, remind everyone to chill out. There are plenty of seats for everyone and if one old cranky person just has to have a specific seat, give it to them. There are plenty of others.


  1. I just returned from a trip to/from one fo the supposedly more laid-back cities. At the departing airport (flying on an airline that assigns seats), everyone was patient in getting into line & boarding. For my return flight, it was a rugby scrimmage (with, again, assigned seats) with lots of body blocking & other rudeness as the line formed at the gate, and people waiting for departing flights blocking the arrivals door & hallways. Yet we all arrived home at the same time....


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