Beauty of a Post

Time Lapse Photo by Lincoln Harrison
I wanted to share a post from The Humble Humanist - It's called Beauty Day Eh 

It is about beauty, happiness and Humanism. Specifically how beauty can be transforming. He says,
"The experience of Beauty can provoke powerful responses.  When we encounter something truly Beautiful the intellectual and emotional effect can be life altering.  A painting, sunrise or 5 star meal might open our imaginations to possibilities we've never considered...a career path, a spiritual awakening, or the creation of something unique and Beautiful." 
He concludes by saying,
"Our best interests are served by creating, propagating and promoting Beauty throughout the world.  Beauty is a vehicle for creating Happiness and affirming what is best in human nature...and that affirmation is a bedrock principle of Humanism."
And I think that is a beautiful thing to say.

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