Live to Love Again

So I’ve been watching some old Bollywood films. The latest was Kabhi Kabhie. Basically, you have a college love affair but the parents marry the girl off to someone else. Hearts are broken. Our girl ends up loving her chosen husband and they are very happy. The boy, a poet, decides he will never love again, and so he doesn’t. He does get married and have a kid, but he refuses to love his wife because he was committed to never love again.

While this is a work of fiction, we all know people who have made similar decisions. Instead of allowing their grief to run it’s course so that they can get on with life, they decide to freeze their heart in place and stay stuck in that one emotion forever. I can’t imagine doing anything stupider, and I can imagine some stupid things.

Look, we all have a choice. Why someone would choose to stay in an emotionally very hurt place is beyond me. I guess some people just like to suffer. I don’t and I would assume most people don’t. If you are planning to go on living after a tragedy, you might as well be happy. So, allow your emotions to run their course and for goodness sake, don’t hold on to the negative ones - allow them to ebb away as you get on with living your life. In the movie - Amit eventually realizes his mistake and declares his love for his wife, but seriously - he wasted almost his entire life being unhappy for no good reason. Moral of the story: Live to love again.

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