A Good Book

Not to brag or anything, but when your Christian mother in law likes your new book about Humanism, A LOT, you’re doing something right. She called me the other day to tell me she was reading “a good book.” Not the good book, mind you, but a very good book. It was mine. She likes it so much she is planning to share it with others. Did I mention she is a Christian? And that my book is about Humanism? And that the people she is planning to share my book with are Christians?

What she said she liked about my book is that it is filled with just plain old common sense. The sort of stuff her preacher talks about. Living a good life isn’t rocket science. It just requires common sense, which, unfortunately, isn’t always common, and sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense until someone explains it to you explicitly. But then, once you understand the reasons why, it makes perfect sense and your understanding of the world is more complete as a result.

Humanism is a lot like that. It’s simple. It makes a lot of sense, and is born out of common sense. But until or unless someone explains it to you, it remains a mystery. The other thing this experience teaches is that it is possible to explain Humanism and its emphasis on secularism in a way that makes sense to people of faith and in a way they will listen to, seek out and accept without the knee jerk reaction that characterizes most interactions between atheists and people of faith.

See what a good book can do for you? And yes, I realize this is a shameless plug for my new book, but honestly I couldn't think of any way to not plug the book and share this really cool story- so deal with it! LOL.

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  1. Fantastic!! That's great if your book improves your relationship with your mom instead of the inverse.


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