Appreciating Duran Duran

Today is National Duran Duran Appreciation Day. And as a Duran Duran fan who has stuck with them since my teens I wanted to write a little something about why, as a Humanist, I like Duran Duran. The reason I am still an avid DD fan is because their music has always been optimistic.  We Humanists are big into optimism, as I pointed out in my last post. Music that makes you feel happy to be alive still has a place in this world.  Plus, how can you not like a band whose best song is called "Hallucinating Elvis."

Anyway, their 2004 album, astronaut, was excellent (linked here). It came just a few years after 9-11 and for me it really just provided an emotional release from the post 9-11 funk we were all feeling at that time.  I remember thinking that just as U2 had managed to capture our anguish over 9-11. Duran Duran was now providing us with the antidote, encouraging us to "reach out for the sunrise" once again.  That is was now ok to get on with our lives and optimistically "let a new day enter your life." For helping me to remind me that optimism is the best antidote to all the troubles in the world - I appreciate Duran Duran. Plus, Bedroom Toys, which is on the Astronaut album, is one of the funniest songs ever.

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