Living Demon Free

Over Halloween, a certain militant Christian named Kimberly Daniels, warned Americans about the danger of cursed candy. She wasn’t just talking about candy being bad for you or of tainted candy. She means cursed. As in real witches conspiring to curse all the Halloween candy in America and if you eat it or give it out, you are handing over innocent people to the hands of demons. Literally. This is what she says happens every year and is the reason we should not celebrate Halloween.

It makes me sad to think that people like her live in a demon haunted world. It must be horrible and exhausting to live like that, viewing everything as a life and death struggle between good and evil played out on a theological stage.

Humanists do not believe in demons and so live happily demon free. True, we may be deluding ourselves. But that is unlikely. If you believe in demons, the way to free yourself from them is through doubt. Just question whether they exist or not and look for alternate rational and natural explanations for the things going on around you. Soon you will be demon free and viewing life in all it’s glory instead of cowering in fear because you just don’t know if the person next to you in line is a minion of the devil or not.

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