On this thanksgiving week, when we pause to remember all we are thankful for – I wanted to write a little something about gratitude. Gratitude is really important. Don’t think about gratitude as an obligation. Gratitude actually connects you more strongly to those around you and reminds you that you are not in this world alone. Seriously. It feels really good. So remember to spend some time this week really being grateful for everything in your life.

Can’t think of anything? Consider the Humanist approach. We Humanists are never at a loss on what we can be grateful for. That is because, to paraphrase Robert Ingersoll, we know that we are indebted to the good men and women who went before us for all that we are, all that we know and all that we have.

Seriously, if someone hadn’t invented the toaster, we would still be trying to toast bread over open flames. Youch! We know that if it weren’t for the scientists and the physicians who applied science to the art of healing we would still be at the mercy of witch doctors. We know that if it hadn’t of been for brave men and women who stood up, fought for and died for our freedoms, we would not have freedom of belief today.

So if nothing else, be grateful for the fact that throughout history, there have been men and women who have refused to accept the status quo and have tried to do better for themselves and for their fellow humans. Without them, we would still be living in caves. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Addtional note (2012): The soldier in the picture above is: Sgt. Colin Pearcy Retired U.S. Army. The picture was taken when he was recovering from injuries sustained while he was on patrol in Baghdad in 2007. General Pace awarded him the Purple Heart while he was recovering from injuries to his legs and arms. For more information:

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